Debt Settlement
The Law Office of Michele L. Hanash provides diligent and experienced debt settlement negotiations for borrowers across Florida and nationwide. The current difficult economic environment has left many borrowers out of work or with reduced household income, which, in turn, results in mounting credit card debt, defaults, and a historic numbers of bankruptcy filings. However, like many borrowers, many creditors and banks are in weakened positions which, in turn, creates opportunities to negotiate and settle debts at pennies on the dollar.
The firm represents clients in debt settlement negotiations as part of a broader range of services aimed at helping borrowers and homeowners better position themselves for brighter financial times. Debt settlement is a method of debt reduction through which the borrower and creditor agree upon a reduced account balance, payment of which is considered satisfaction in full of the account. Accordingly, the settlement agreement relieves the borrower of any further legal liability to pay the account and the account is closed.
Often, borrowers choose to engage an attorney to handle debt settlement negotiations rather than attempting to do it on their own. Engaging an attorney to negotiate a settlement can provide you with elimination of a greater amount of debt, while benefiting from representation of your other legal interests. However, no one can guarantee a particular settlement in any case. If an account is already involved in litigation, settlement is still possible, even if a judgment has already been entered. You should not give up hope of reaching a resolution even if you have been sued by your creditors. Contact the firm for your free consultation online or at 305-902-8158.